Have a different summer vacation and visit the ancient city of Nessebar!

From United Kingdom to Bulgaria

We would like ask you one thing – did you decide where to go this summer? Do you have something in mind when it comes to your yearly, summer break? If you say “Yes, I have made a short research on the Internet.”, but are still not quite sure which destination to visit due to the huge variety of tourist offers, then today you will get a good idea about where to go with your family at sea!

Bulgaria is a famous destination that you probably know… It has dozens summer resorts that may make your summer vacation unforgettable and really exciting… But even in this small country there are so many wonderful places, that to make a choice can be the most difficult task you’ve ever had…

Bulgaria Nessebar

Stop searching and organize your next, summer vacation in the lovely city of Nessebar! Enjoy a different holiday at sea and forget about the other holiday resorts that are noisy and crowded. Have a pleasant stay with your family of four and let’s your romantic adventure begin!

What do we mean by all that we say? What a romance and what a pleasant stay considering the “funny farm” typical for all the summer resorts in Europe?

Well, that is the point – to spend much more relaxed vacation during the summer season by visiting the charming city of Nessebar! This is the place where you will find a combination of incredible romance, inspiring atmosphere with nuances from the Middle Ages and excellent conditions for recreation at the beach… There you can get lost among abounding beauty, but in the same to feel the modern life of the Black Sea coast! All that will make your summer vacation perfect and you will not miss anything…

Nessebar is well-know with its two city parts as each of them is beautiful and suitable for each family holiday. Depending to your preferences when it comes to hotels, restaurants and night life, you will have to decide where to stay and what a hotel to book. In the old city of Nessebar there are many lovely quest houses that are not as luxuries as those in the new town, but if you want to fully enjoy the beauty of Nessebar, we recommend you to book your vacation just in the old town!

This amazing place is rich in many historical sights and cultural monuments that will highly impress you in case you are interested in exploring of foreign cultures… All of them are still preserved in their authentic look and you will be able to touch the story of this magnificent land! Enjoy it!