The shoes we are going to wear with long dresses in 2019

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Long dresses are cool for many reasons. Basically, the reasons correspond to the big bunch of occasions and styles we can find in today’s long dress. This year we are going to see them on the runaway shows, too. Plus – it’s a great thing that there are both: formal long dresses, but also lots of ideas for everyday long dresses, including beach dresses, sport dresses and even office long dresses.

Now, let’s consider you’ve got all the long dresses you need this year. What shoes are you going to mix them with? Don’t worry, we are here with a whole set of ideas you will love. Check out the shoes we are going to wear with long dresses in 2019 year:

  1. Super fashion and comfy running female shoes are no longer only for the gym. They are entering the office and they even get in touch with the sport dresses or sunny dresses you love so much. It’s going to be weird to wear such a fashion combo at first. Though, once you experience the comfortableness it brings, you will never replace it with any other.
  2. The kitty-heeled fashion shoes are ideal for your formal dresses especially for those parties and cocktails you either want to spend on the dance floor not carrying about people’s opinions, or when you are too tired to wear anything else, but you still need to register an attendance.
  3. Female fashion boots are going to be everywhere this year. In 2019 year the trend is to wear cowgirl boots in summer, then switch to the classical genuine leather boots in spring and in the end to find the weirdest bright pair of winter shoes in blue, green or orange. What kind of a dress is ok to mix them with? All kinds of dresses! Let us give you the examples you need: wear the cowgirl fashion shoes with a sunny dress. Get some high-waist shirt-like dress for your classical genuine leather boots for the spring season. And last, but not least find the fashion guru in yourself by giving an example to not give a damn for trends and wear the odd winter boots with a classical formal dress made for wool.