Travel more with your family and renew your NEXUS cards!

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Love to travel with your beloved ones? Want to find the best way of traveling so that all the members of your family to feel comfortable while on trip? Well, it is completely normally you to wish the best for you and the people you love, especially when it comes to traveling and comfort…You are not the only one who is dreaming of this and have to be sure that if you really want to find a way that will provide you with the travel you need, you will find it! – This time with our help…

Today’s article is for all those people who for some reason (pleasure or business) often cross the border between Canada and the U.S. Here we would like to point out that we are not going to advise you which way of traveling to choose (by air or by land), nor we’ll guide you which destination to visit. Today we will tell you how to pass the customs checks faster, as well as what to do in case you have already found the “secret” for a faster crossing the borders, but you are not able to take advantage of it anymore…

Probably you already guessed what we mean and what we attend to tell you now? If you think that when speaking about “faster passing the customs checks” we have in mind the incredible NEXUS cards – you are right!

This way of traveling is very famous among both the Canadians and Americans, so 100% you are aware with the program of NEXUS… In case you are traveling parents and often have to hit the road to some of the countries we have already mentioned (Canada or the U.S.), you surely need to get NEXUS cards for all the members of your family of 4 or even 5!

Still, if you’ve been ahead of us and currently are happy member of NEXUS, than you have to think about the renewal of your cards… You know that their validity is five years, but actually the time passes very quickly and until you turn, will have to renew your NEXUS cards! So, be informed that if you need to apply for renewing of a membership for all the family, you have to do this up to 6 months before the expired date! In case you miss this term, do not worry about – you will able to apply for renewing even after the expired date of your NEXUS cards! And when it comes to NEXUS family renewal – the procedure is even easier and faster.