Your NEXUS card is gone? See this article!

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To lose something or someone to steal an important for you thing is unpleasant and in some cases even a real disaster! For example, you attend to hit the road bun while thrusting your hand into the pocket, you realize that your wallet is gone… And this can destroy your holiday in the very beginning!

Almost everybody has faced with this situation and knows that this is a real nightmare. And when we have to react, the only thing that comes to our mind is to look for a help in order to find our wallet or even a bag!

Not always, stories like this one have a happy end… Sometimes, we must take action on our own, so that to resolve the problem and to continue traveling as before. We have to apply for replacement of our important documents (if they are missing), as well as to get them ASAP.

Most people who travel abroad and more specially to Canada and the U.S. are using the services of the NEXUS program (NEXUS – pass) and respectively the NEXUS cards. And in case that you are an owner of such a card, to lose it or someone to steal it will be the end of your comfortable and faster travel/crossing the border!

Get informed and stay here to find out what to do when your NEXUS card is missing. Do not think that you can’t do anything – you can! And that thing is to apply for replacement immediately after you notice that your NEXUS card has disappeared. If you react quickly and follow the steps, be sure that very soon you will be able to travel with the NEXUS card again… But before this happens, apply for replacement by providing your data (correctly) and by paying the fee as well.

Note that your replaced NEXUS card will be with the same expired date like the old one. In addition, have in mind that your personal data must be the same. In case that something has been changed during the exploitation of your previous card, you probably will have to pass an interview. The last one may take more time but still, you will get your new NEXUS card!

Hurry up and apply for replacement. But in the meanwhile be careful and do not allow to go so far as to travel without your NEXUS card. Or in other words – to lose it! It is something really special and only the people who use it know what we mean… Are you one of hem?