How to Wear Cufflinks

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First of all, it is important to clarify that the cufflinks were designed only to be worn with shirts with musketeer cuffs.

Indeed, unlike everyday shirts which are equipped with buttoned cuffs, the musketeer cuffs form a strip of more elongated fabric, folded over on itself, thus creating a kind of cuff for a more formal style.

Only cufflinks will close this type of wrist.

The different types of fasteners

For the majority of these attachment mechanisms, the installation is practically similar.

It’s just the fastening that is different, making insertion more or less practical in the holes of the shirt cuffs.

The T-bar cufflink

Very easy to set up, thanks to their small swivel bar which fits perfectly into the holes of the shirt.

Made for those in a hurry in the morning!

The Fish Tail cufflink

A little bit more complicated to put on but has the advantage of maintaining the cuffs well thanks to their “rudder” system which folds down on both sides.

The Ball cufflink

Easy to set up, due to their spherical shape, although a little more complicated to put on a new shirt, the holes have not yet been “made”.

The Chain ​​cufflink

The advantage of being able to present on both sides of the cuffs a similar shape. Those are not the most convenient to put on and take off on a regular basis.

The Reversible cufflink

Has the advantage of being able to be worn on either side, like 2 pairs in one.

Not at all practical to put on because of their identical sizes.

The Removable cufflink

Works on the same principle as the “ball” cufflinks but with a different shape.

How to put them on properly?

Small practical tip: do not hesitate to put on the cufflinks before putting on the shirt.

With both hands free, setting them up is much easier.


Fold the cuff of your shirt on itself so as to have the 4 holes in the same alignment.


Take a first cufflink, then insert it into the first 2 holes facing you.


Finally, finish inserting your cufflink in the last 2 holes, then close (depending on the binding you choose) the mechanism to hold your cuffs.

To make sure the button is in place, extend your hand, palm on the table, and you should only see the decorative part of the cufflink.

Check out these detailed drawings that should help you out putting cufflinks on.

How to wear them well?

If possible, with a jacket/blazer.

It is indeed preferable to associate this type of shirt with the wearing of a suit jacket or a blazer.

The cuffs are wide enough, the jacket will reduce their sizes compared to a classic shirt.

Try to find shirts with musketeer cuffs well suited to the morphology of your wrists, you can then allow yourself to wear them without a jacket.


A rule to remember: always match the color of the metal of the cufflinks with that of your watch or ring. You can be less strict with the buckle of your belt.


A style of cufflinks that we have not talked about: cufflinks in trimmings/fabric, which are a good option to tone down a strict look.