See the “Golden Pearl”of the Black Sea coast!

From United Kingdom to Bulgaria

Have a family. And kids… And you would like to take them to some beautiful destination during the summer. But you do not know where… Well, you have probably confronted with this situation and before, right? And surely every time when you start looking for a summer destination, meet some difficulties: which country to visit, what resort to choose and how to spend your stay in the most fulfilling way possible…

Today we will surprise you very pleasantly by telling you where to go this summer… We want to save you the time that you will spend in endless searching on the Internet for summer resorts and travel deals, so be patience and read our article to the endJ. We assure you that after reading today’s publication, you will have a good idea about where to go this summer!

Golden Sands - Varna

Well, we are huge fans of the country of Bulgaria because it is beautiful, picturesque and there is always something that to impress us! And when it is summer time, this land is on the top of our list due to the incredible sea resorts that we can visit and the gorgeous Black Sea coast that is simply amazing…

But how many summer resorts in Bulgaria there are and are they all suitable for family vacations? – Very good question! You probably know that Bulgaria is highly developed as a tourist destination and there you can find a number of stunning resorts where every family vacation will be fulfilling and unforgettable. But it is not necessary you to know them all – that is even quite impossible!

Choose just one – Golden Sands resort! It is one of the most suitable places when it comes to family getaways and when you want to enjoy beautiful nature combined with captivating sea… There you can experience not only numerous beach emotions, but will have a pleasant time surrounded by greenery and powerful energy as well!

But why we have mentioned “nature” when we write about summer destination? Is it possible together with the beach, you to find a picturesque nature in the place where you are stayed? Isn’t this more typical for the mountain resorts? – Have in mind that we are recommending you Golden Sands resort not in vain… We know very well that to find such a place where there is everything (both nature and beach) is very difficult and that was the reason why we advise to go there…

We know that during every family vacation, people want the best for their beloved ones and if they also have the chance to combine fresh air with sea breeze, will do it! Thus, they not only will experience unforgettable sea emotions, but will have the pleasure to relax among peaceful environment and to be close our habitat too!

Golden Sands resort offers many attractions… And even that the place is part of a Natural Park, it is also not less attractive than Sunny Beach or Primorsko! In Golden Sands resort you will find many water entertainments, many interesting activities for your kids and long list of both attractive restaurants and nice hotels. For all holidaymakers who want to have it all and who are looking for high quality and good prices, Golden Sands is the best summer destination and you have to visit it!

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This wonderful resort is gaining more and more popularity over the last few years… It is visited mainly by tourists from Europe, as the nationalities are most various – Britons, Russians, Germans etc.

Be one of the people who had the luck to spend their vacations in Golden Sands and experience one of the most pleasant holidays ever!

See at close Golden Sands resort and watch this video: