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Everybody loves the beauty. It can be found everywhere and in everything, as long as you can see it… All trips and journeys give us the chance to see the beauty in one form or another: nature, architecture, sights, landscapes etc. And that is the reason why we love travels so much – they give us the priceless chance to see how wonderful the world is… Yes, UK is fine, but Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, etc. are pretty good as destination for holiday.

We have to add… if you are leaving for a while, you may sigh in for some home servicescleaning, etc. it is good way to fill the time, while you are not at home.

If you need to enrich your soul all the time, as well as to enjoy the life and its beauty, then you are one of us and probably you are crazy about holidays and trips – just like us!

So, if you are looking for a destination that to visit after the long winter, stay here and read our article – today we are going you to give you very good idea about where to go this summer together with many guidelines related to the destination we have chosen for you today…

Croatia – one of the most beautiful countries on the Balkan Peninsula where everybody will be lost in an ocean of beauty and unique energy! A place that over the past years became one of the most visited, preferred and desired summer destinations in Europe… Croatia is one of our most favorite places too. To go there, it is always a huge pleasure for us, because this land has amazing resorts, many impressing sights and gorgeous sea – the Adriatic!

Most visited city in Croatia is Dubrovnik. You know this lovely town for sure, but have you ever been there? If no, you have to go there as soon as possible because all the emotions you will experience and things you will see in Dubrovnik will leave an incredible memory in you forever…

Frankly speaking, the city of Dubrovnik is 80 % of tourism of Croatia due to the plenty of historical sights, excellent condition for recreation, varied activities for every tourist and the huge interest in this town!

Dubrovnik is surrounded by medieval, fortress walls that remind of the distant past… It is one of those places that will charm you even in the very beginning, with the first step you take in the city. Dubrovnik is very beautiful, very inspiring and you will fall in love with it! Every day of your vacation will be exciting and filled with numerous memorable emotions. And if you hit the road to Dubrovnik with your half, will experience the most romantic holiday ever – surprise your beloved one and give him/her an ocean of romantic memories by visiting Dubrovnik together!

Start your vacation in Dubrovnik by seeing the sights of the old city. Every fan of the history will be happy to see all the beauty and magnetism that the city is hiding:  the cozy, small alleys, the fairy houses, the incredible squares and the old, amazing churches! Together with that, in the old city of Dubrovnik there are many beautiful buildings with gorgeous architecture – the different architectural styles you will see carry the spirit of the remote past and you will definitely feel it!

Along the sea coast of the city, there are many boats as if waiting for you to take you on a romantic stroll… So, if you are open to romantic adventures, take this chance and fully enjoy the amazing Adriatic Sea! We can guarantee that this incredible experience will be one of the most memorable in your life.

The heart of Dubrovnik is Placa – Stradun – the main street of the city where you will find a long list of great shops and establishments. All the buildings in this area have the same architecture and are built of stone. And the most interesting fact is that every new building must to be in the same style in order to be preserved the authentic look of the city.

The city walls of Dubrovnik – probably, this is the most impressing and most distinguishing mark of this lovely place… The city walls surround the town, as they are built in 13th – 14th century (Middle Ages). If you are interested in history and would like to learn more about the city and its wonderful sights, do not hesitate to ask your guide about the story of Dubrovnik!

The fortress walls of Dubrovnik are the perfect option for you to enjoy the sea from above. The city walls reveal breathtaking views that will create at everyone a special feeling… So, except the impressing, historical landmarks you will see, you will be also strongly amazed by the dramatic sceneries and the endless beauty of the old town of Dubrovnik.

Being in this magnificent town, you should visit also the enchanting castle of Sponza that was built in renaissance and Gothic style (in the 16th century). In the past, the castle of Sponza was the first school in the city, as actually the castle was designed for customs building!

Dubrovnik is a magical place where you can see many things you have never knew. There you can enjoy great beaches, attractive night life, incredible restaurants and cafes, as well as unique atmosphere…

The city is one of the most visited holiday destinations on the Balkan Peninsula and that is not accident! There are very few places around the world where you can find so many incredible sights, so much beauty and romance together… And if you have no patience to experience the most pleasant vacation ever, but still are wondering where to go, stop searching and visit Dubrovnik – the city of the beauty that is always there for you.

At the end of each of our publications, we like to say a few words as a final. And here we would like to point out that the most important part of every holiday is your mood and cast of mind… Yes, it is of most importance because only if you open your senses and mind, will be able to fully enjoy your adventure – no matter where it is and no matter if you travel on your alone or with other people. Be positive and let the emotions fascinate you!