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Everyone drinks coffee, well most of us do. Caffeine is the most consumed drug in the world. There are millions if not billions of people that drink it every day (most of them multiple times a day).

How about question for a million dollars today? – In what cups these millions of people drink coffee?
Answer – paper / plastic, how about advertise on them, to grow you brand awareness? – good idea, right?

Of course you need trusted partner in this task, partner like with their coffee cups.
Do not waste any time, if you are advertising agency or firm to contact this professional team. They will help you in terms of pretty much everything – from creative design and project to manufactures that will make the cups in good quality and quantity.  We from PZnow know that most of our readers are business people and we are sure that this kind of information is pretty valuable for them.

So you find trusted partner like Brendos, you have a chance to reach of millions of these coffee drinkers. Our advice is not to waste any time and start planning your next campaign with branded cups, no matter paper or plastic.

The best thing to do is to blend it with existing plan of Facebook / Google advertising  or even TV / Radio ads, we do not recommend those in most cases, they are way way to expensive and inefficient, this is because you cannot measure anything on them – reach / conversions / brand searches and so on… If you want to make long term impact, you probably should give cups for partner presents to your most loyal business partners. Also it is good idea to give them to your employees, they are the best advertising for your business, they should be happy for receiving a gift and you will be sure that their families and friends will see your brand or brands.

In conclusion – trust Brendos in your next campaign, plan with them and create beautiful design and quality cups, the cups will do the rest. They will advertise even if you do not in the future. For example we can point out the leading beverage company Coca-Cola.

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