Three amazing places you must visit in Bulgaria this summer!

From United Kingdom to Bulgaria

Hello to all holidaymakers and big fans of the summer holidays! Are you doing well, or actually the time when you must be on the beach has not yet come? What are you doing every day – work, work and only work? – Or in fact, you have many other things to do when not at the office?

If we have to be honest with you, we already want to come the autumn because it is too hot outside and we have no chance to be on the beach all the time – enjoying the sea breeze and watching the horizon! And why to be a summer when the amazing sea resorts are so far away from us?

Although the UK is not well-developed summer destination (because of the weather conditions), there are many other countries nearby where you can go for having an amazing summer vacation: Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Spain etc. And if we had to choose which one to visit before to say goodbye to the summer season, without any doubts would choose the amazing country of Bulgaria – the sea pearl of Europe!

It is beautiful, picturesque and is hiding so many wonderful sea resorts that you can totally get confused. We will help you find the best one for your family vacation. Start your summer adventure in Bulgaria by visiting the attractive Sunny Beach resort – the biggest, the cheapest and the hottest spot along the Black Sea coast. There everything is just like in your dreams – perfect and fabulous! If you want to experience the most fulfilling vacation you have ever had, go to Sunny Beach and forget about your works and daily stress. In Sunny Beach there is no place for worries and problems. Being there, you will have to only enjoy the entertainments, to spend a pleasant time on the beach and to dine in cozy restaurants as well! It would be a shame if you think all the time about your boss or left aside work. Do not do that and fully enjoy your summer holiday – it is only once a year! See SB – sunny beach here!

sunny beach bulgaria

If you visit Sunny Beach resort, you will be able to enjoy varied tourist services, reasonable prices and many ways of entertainment. One of them is the night life in the resort that is very famous among the young people and holidaymakers who love to have fun after dinner too! In Sunny Beach you can find lots of attractive bars and discos, where you can listen to a modern music – sometimes even live! The resort is a host for many famous DJs who worth seeing…

Of course, you can stay not only in Sunny Beach resort, but in many other places along the Black Sea coast too. As we told you, the country is proud with its long list of well-developed summer resorts, as if you looking for romantic getaways surely mustn’t miss to visit the ancient city of Nessebar! Get attractive travel deals for Holidays Bulgaria – here.

This place is truly amazing… There you can see many remarkable views, buildings and even people, as the only thing you will think of will be how to stay there for longer! Yes, everybody who is staying there has the feeling that he can stay there forever – because everything is so romantic and beautiful, because the atmosphere has nothing to do with the most famous and bigger summer resorts like Sunny Beach resort or St.Vlas (we will tell you more about this place later).

Just like Sunny Beach resort the city of Nessebar is very attractive for the foreign tourists who want to touch the Bulgarian night life and who want to feel the atmosphere of Bulgaria. And if you love both the history and the culture, make a long walk through the streets of the city and will see lots of sights and interesting ruins well-preserved till today!

The city of Nessebar is a good combination of beach, romantic and night entertainment. The town is separated into two parts as each of them has its own charm and beauty. Depending to your individual preferences, you will make a choice where to book you hotel and if to do it at all!


Continue further, as the next station today will be the lovely St. Vlas – the modern city! We would recommend this charming place on all our readers who are looking for something different and who want to be bathed in splendor and luxury… This town is popular with its tusar Yacht Harbor that is actually the biggest landmark of this place!

St. Vlas has very good location that will allow you to visit some of the other sea resorts/cities of the gorgeous Bulgarian Black Sea coast. If you have a map, can check where you can go when you get bored to stay in St. Vlas – the last one will happen a bit difficult we think!

When on a holiday in St. Vlas, you will be able to visit luxury restaurants, to stay in nice hotels, as well as to enjoy the beach that is magnificent… You can do everything you want, because the city is offering all the conditions for you to practice varied activities. If you have kids who want to have fun all day long, do not worry! You can give them the perfect summer vacation during your stay in St. Vlas as the best part of your vacation there will be your time spent with the people you love!

Have in mind that Bulgaria is a leading tourist destination that thousands of people visit every summer. The Black Sea coast, the amazing resorts and the romantic places make this land for being a desired holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. But that is not surprising at all! The land of roses is on the top of our list too, so we highly recommend you to enjoy the rest of the summer by visiting the sunny country of Bulgaria!

Try to enjoy every minute you spend in Bulgaria. There is a chance you can’t go there once again (even that there is very cheap), so experience every moment in this country and take lots of photos!!