Bathroom design ideas that are totally out in 2019 year

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It would be a pity to give up from your 2018 bathroom design if you are still totally in love with it, or you just don’t have enough funds to redecorate. Hence, there are several bathroom design ideas which are totally out in 2019 year and you might get frustrated when any of your next guests declare you are God damn old-fashioned. We would love to assist you in this situation by naming you those out-of-fashion bathroom designs, respectively suggest you how to adjust them to the newest 2019 bathroom trends.

  1. The eclectic clutter was something we loved about bathrooms last year. The good news is that all you should do to renew this bathroom design is by getting rid of the chaos and eliminating all those decors. Just leave at least one decoration piece and turn it into your only accent in the interior.
  2. That gendered neutralism we saw in bathrooms last year is out of fashion, too. The white walls or doors, the scary sexless seats and the chunky floors can be, though, renovated in a new 2019 air. Get some paint in millennial pink and splash it all over that simple design. Add some seaside souvenirs hanging on your bathroom door and then, get the seats out by replacing them with stunning rugs in Indian style.
  3. No, there’s not going to be any minimalism in the bathrooms for 2019 year. However, any minimalistic design is the most appropriate canvas for turning it into anything you see in your head. Floral decoration, for instance, would be very appropriate in this case, plus – it’s going to be in fashion this year. Meanwhile, edgy lighting pieces and asymmetric pieces of furniture can bring a new air of fascination in your bathroom design this year.
  4. Gray, gray, gray…If you have even one of those 50 shades of gray in your bathroom, delete it! Get out of that criminal sexual drama and dive into the philosophic topic in your design by adding spa elements or handmade accents! By the way, the Boho chick wave is back, so if you have something old from those times, get it out and put it on your bathroom design!