Automatic processing of invoices – now fully possible

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Are you tired of dealing with time-consuming and frustrating manual invoice processing? If this is the case, then invoice processing automation is your salvation from the tedious processing of documents of various origins, but mostly invoices. In today’s article it will become clear how to optimize the steps of processing company documents, the volume of which often exceeds the limits of human capabilities, in terms of their fast and accurate processing.

Can invoice processing be fully automated?

invoice automation software

If in the recent past the automatic processing of invoices was something completely impossible, today it is a standard procedure that everyone can take advantage of for their business. Easy, fast and to the maximum accuracy – with the help of the software of Smart Soft, the processing of documents will no longer be a challenging task, but something that will not be part of the critical points of the business.

And even more… With such developments, the risk of technical errors is drastically reduced, and this is a benefit for the company’s reputation, which is mainly built on correctness. If you want to offer your customers loyalty and expediency, then invoice processing automation is the solution you should definitely take advantage of. What else can you expect from this software? In the following lines you will find out!

What the process consists of?

If your goal is to change the way you manage your documents, then software of Smart Soft is the right solution in this case. You’re probably aware that the invoicing process is highly prone to technical errors, making solutions like automated processing software a must. With its help, the data is extracted in an automatic way, thereby achieving maximum accuracy in a number of respects. Here’s more on the subject:

  • cancel manual data entry – this is the biggest plus of automated invoice processing software, which is self-sufficient. If for years document processing happened in the traditional way, namely manually, today this can remain a thing of the past and you can benefit from far more efficient ways to deal with the large volume of documents;
  • converting paper documents into an easy-to-process paper format – this is possible thanks to a special technology with the help of which the scanners have the potential to process even a very large volume of documents. Color scanning is recommended, although not required. However, this is a process over which in most cases we have no control, since the documents are sent by the companies after preset settings have been set by them;
  • working with e-mail – and yes, Smartsoft’ software is designed to work with your e-mail, which can also receive invoices. This is a huge convenience that many companies have already taken advantage of, as previously it was necessary to configure a dedicated email to send company documents;
  • extracting content from web portals – another great software setup for automatic invoice processing that saves company employees a lot of time and effort. A large number of sellers upload their invoices to web portals, and the system automatically extracts the information from them. Thus, increasing not only the speed but also the accuracy with which documents are processed;
  • document preparation for better results – in order to extract the information from the invoices even more precisely, the software removes the existing defects to make the results flawless. This includes noise removal, tilt corrections, contrast adjustments and more.

Generally speaking, the possibilities that software for automatic invoice processing offers are really many. This makes it highly desired by large and smaller companies that want to optimize the work process and offer their customers and partners a good service. For this reason, streamlining the document processing is something even mandatory in the 21st century, but best of all, this option is available to everyone.

What possibilities it offers?

Invoice processing automation has provided quite a few possibilities, which have already been mentioned earlier in the article. Smart Soft’s software was created to facilitate modern companies experiencing a shortage of qualified personnel, and this necessitates the integration of such systems within company structures. With the help of such programs, several things are possible: document classification, accurate information retrieval, local and cloud storage, continuous learning, scalability.

What is OCR?

To some of you this abbreviation may speak volumes, but others may be completely uninformed of its meaning. OCR is an optical character recognition, which is fundamental in the automatic processing of invoice. Technology is used to convert images into readable text, as the process involves several stages, the first of which is the preprocessing of the input image.


There is always something to be said for the automatic processing of invoices, because this process is an extremely popular way to rationalize the company process, and more precisely to increase the accuracy in extracting information from. If you are interested in this way of processing documents, Smart Soft solutions are very suitable for you and your company.