Why bet on ABC Kinder Care Centre and what to get in return

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Finding the perfect kindergarten is an exciting and overwhelming experience. One thing you deal with is spending time away from your little one for the first time since they were born. Another thing is choosing the best establishment where you know your child would feel at home and would make many memories for years to come. It can be a very emotional time for both parents and their offspring but it brings many positive changes and prepares the little boys and girls for the next steps of life. Attending kindergarten has unquestionable benefits for children’s development, wellbeing and successful upbringing and any parent knows it’s so important to give their kids all these memories, habits and experiences.

How to make the best choice of a preschool

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As a foreigner in Bulgaria, you have probably felt the struggles of feeling at home in such a nationalist country but in the capital of Sofia you can find not only the perfect kindergarten with all the best conditions but also a team that will speak and teach your child in English, which no government establishment can offer you. If this sounds like the right place for you then ABC Kinder Care has everything you will need for a successful preschool education. They have it all from high standard learning curriculums to experienced nurturing professionals and a wide range of activities to keep your child entertained and always moving forward. Making friends and memories go hand in hand with learning new things and creating habits.

What is the application process and tuition fees

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If you have made up your mind that this is the place for you and your daughter or son, then applying will be easy for you. After filling out the candidate form online, you can book a tour of the premises to look at the modern facilities and see where your little one will be spending their time. When it comes to payment the international kindergarten fees Sofia there are a few choices but the transaction is made via bank transfer to ABC Kinder Care’s personal account. This international kindergarten in Sofia’s fees are:

  • Four installments of €1840;
  • Two installments of €3620;
  • One annual installment of €7100.

These options are only for a full day visitation basis. If you only want to send your child for half a day, then the only option you have is to pay four installments of €1280. All prices are in euros and can be paid in advance of attending. There is a one – time registration fee of €307 that is required upon signing up the pupil. These tuition fees do not include extras like food, transport and examination costs.

What do you get in return for your money

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Aside from having free time for yourself to go back to work, do important jobs or whatever you have planned, you are also assured that your child is receiving the best care in the city, it’s being educated and taught new things every day and is making friends and living unforgettable moments. ABC Kinder Care has a team of experienced and educated professionals who see looking after children as a vocation and make sure to provide the best growing environment. Other benefits are:

  • An international preschool that has worked with citizens from all over the world and welcomes every new member with warmth and open arms;
  • A variety of activities which help with skill development and help children have a great time;
  • A tight knit community of parents and teachers which ensures you can be part of their process and growth.

Knowing all the facts, ABC Kinder Care is the best international kindergarten in Sofia and is the perfect choice for all English-speaking citizens who want the best future for their sons and daughters. All you need to do is call and find out everything else you need.