Looking for summer breaks? – Visit Bulgaria and its icredible resorts!

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To find a place where to escape for one week or more (10 days and even two weeks) during the summer season is not so easy… And even if you think that nothing could be easier than finding of a holiday destination, you are wrong! Sometimes, to find your resort and your place where to spend a pleasant family vacation for 4 is very hard and probably you are wondering why…

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Well, the countries that have great summer resorts are many but in the same time not every of them offer budget-friendly deals and not every of them will meet your needs. And here we want mention that the first thing you should clarify before to hit the road is what type of vacation you are looking for: cheap, exotic, some round trip or something else? Once when you know what you want, your task (to find the perfect destination) will become easier…

Over the past years, more and more holidaymakers prefer to visit the country of Bulgaria instead to spend piles of money for a holiday in some other too expensive European destinations. But is Bulgaria really cheap country and if yes, does this land offer the same good conditions for summer holidays as the more expensive and also popular countries do?

Yes, the country of Bulgaria is highly developed tourist destination although it is small and not so famous across the world… But as soon as so many people go there during the summer season and every next year they come back there for more, then Bulgaria is nothing to sneer at!

Summer resorts in this lovely land are dozen as each of them is beautiful and suitable for every vacation. And if you are looking for beach entertainments, exciting nights and fulfilling relaxation, then visit some of the excellent, sea resorts in Bulgaria and spend an unforgettable summer holiday!

But which are the most attractive resorts of Bulgaria? – And which one to choose?

Well, we’ll try to describe briefly several summer resorts along the Black Sea coast, as we are hoping you to get an idea about every of them too – just a little bit!

Starting with the romantic Nessebar and Sozopol, we would like tell you that these two incredible cities are just amazing with its beauty and energy – the perfect destinations for all fans of romance and all couples in love…

Both in Nessebar and Sozopol you can spend a pleasant and full of numerous exciting emotions summer vacation. But the difference between the other beach resorts in Bulgaria and these two cities is that being there (in Sozopol or Nessebar), you will be able to enjoy impressing sights and many historical monuments! – And this really great especially if you are keen on the history and the culture…

Another suitable place in Bulgaria for you to visit during the summer is Sunny Beach resort – the biggest and most attractive resort along the Black Sea coast! Do you know it?

Well, Sunny Beach is world famous summer destination and it makes sense… The huge variety of hotels, the endless possibilities for having fun, all the amazing attractions and nice restaurants make the resort for being so desirable and preferred destination by holidaymakers not only from Europe but from all over the world too! And if you really want to understand what would be your summer holiday in Sunny Beach, just book some nice hotel and pack up! Of course, not right now, but why not after 1 month :). The resort starts welcoming the first tourists in mid-May, so why you have to wait till July?